Email program to ease the Atkins acquisition of PBS&J.

Atkins Acquisition of PBS&J Meant Great Things Were in Store

When Atkins acquired the Florida-based architecture and engineering firm PBS&J they needed a tool to reassure PBS&J clients and their 1,000+ new employees that they would be better together. The email program highlighted important, socially-conscious, projects while making the announcement. Many PBS&J clients and employees didn’t know much about the UK-based Atkins, but they knew they were BIG. Global Top 10, in fact. So we created an email program that introduced the new acquisition clients and staff to the amazing technologies, work culture, and social conscience of the company. It also served as an early introduction to the Atkins brand. The program allowed everyone to warm to each other, and then the acquisition was seen in a positive light by all the players. Most people were better for the merger of the two companies.

In 2017 Atkins merged with Canada-based SNC•Lavalin.

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