Job training video for Ajax Construction in Tallahassee, Florida, including 2D animations

Construction Site Safety is Key

Ajax Building Corporation, based in Tallahassee, Florida, takes safety seriously. We created a training DVD to help workers learn the ins-and-outs of their construction sites. We used Adobe After Effects for the design of the opening, closing, and section animations from still images. Some scenes required complex masks. The video gets trainees and seasoned veterans up to speed on dangerous work-site conditions.

We bright, flat background colors to make it easy to spot the dangers shown in the foreground of each scene. The animations make the viewing experience more exciting. While the clips are short, they add a level of professionalism not often seen in these types of videos.

Tasks included: Video-Editing, Motion Graphics and Rotoscoping in Adobe After Effects, Music Design, Photo-Editing and Retouching.

Work was done in partnership with the precision-oriented Jim Flores Cinematography from Austin, Texas.