one small studio in depth

We enjoy the concept as well as the craft, and revel in big ideas executed well.

Let’s begin a relationship combining our always curious and excited minds and your desire to add more awesomeness to your endeavor. We are your ideal creative media partner—passionate, knowledgable and story-centric.

scott coventry

creative director

laura coventry

digital director

slinky the hotdog dog

master of sticks and toys

cliff dunn

words & voice

scott iaderose

web & app programming

patrick lockhart

design & production

BRANDING: Our calling is storytelling. Sometimes a story is told with words, sometimes with images, and sometimes it’s asserted with motion and music. But it’s always articulated clearly, told with passion, and with the soul of your brand.

MARKETING: Your brand is not limited to the visible—there are invisible hands pulling the levers of your brand: analytics, market management, placement, positioning, customer care, culture, and so on. The right combination of levers opens the right door.

DEVELOPMENT: To us, development is the excellent execution of a dream. Programming & development teams live in code—because they love it—but see the world through it. They also take pride in managing and securing iOS and Android apps, websites, landing pages, and data.

CULTURE: We live and love where we live, but we also travel—all the time. We have clients in north america, central america and the caribbean. We’re always inspired by the everyday. A sunrise drive across the mountains of the Dominican Republic; beautiful packaging; an old man making café cubano like it’s an age old craft—(which, of course, it is); a great post that makes us chuckle all day; a well-intentioned teen working with kids for college credit. Life is full of surprising moments.

what we believe


Customers, partners, prospects, influencers, followers, friends, family, rivals, acquaintances, and strangers all may influence or be influenced by your product or service. They should all, to varying degrees, be considered important to you.


A good idea is one that solves the problem. Simple solutions usually work as well as complex ones, and costly doesn't necessarily offer better results. It doesn’t even matter if your team came up with the idea or our team did. We’re one team and a great idea is a great idea.


Architect Louis Sullivan said “Form follows function”. It means the shape of something should be to serve its purpose. We think form and function should instead merge into one. The form can most certainly lead to new functions in this era of merging digital and physical.


The most successful businesses realize the value of design to their bottom line. A great package, an indelible experience, a purposely-placed symbol, a powerful headline, a welcoming voice can all act as the delivery mechanism for your call to the consumer. Design is more than the allure of the new.


Include people, conventions, techniques, technology, and ideation in the process. You only get there through process. Develop one that includes all those who need to be included—but small enough to work fast and operate flexibly—and you will move forward.


Nobody wants to work with people that hideaway and cloister knowledge. This is the sharing economy. Share and it will be repaid in kind ten-fold. Some of our favorite projects included clients that were open-minded, and had an open environment for learning and growing together.


To live life you have to have experienced something. We travel abroad, we explore locally, we navigate life with a map and an inclination. We know and love our community and are moved simple things, from weather to whether or not. Finally, being worldly makes you smarter, more understanding, and better at working inwardly.


We only work with generally happy people. Because we’re also happy people. It makes for a better relationship and leads to more beneficial outcomes. We strongly believe that getting past the challenges of the market requires both inner-strength and a great attitude.