Irene Marie Angel Bags is Irene Marie’s latest iconic fashion brand.

Developing an Iconic Fashion Brand for Irene Marie Angel Bags

Irene Marie, fashion icon from her days as owner of Irene Marie Models on Eighth & Ocean, came to us with her idea of reinvention. An iconic fashion brand built around beautiful feathered handbags with handles of semi-precious stone, wood, and metals. The concept came about from her dreams of angels. And Irene Marie Angel Bags was born. We started developing a brand concept—the realness of the materials inspired us to design a calligraphic-style logo. From there we designed stationery. Then sales cards. We shot the product photography in our studio and started building a library of product shots. Then the website—a Shopify e-commerce site to handle the hundreds of one-of-a-kind handbags. AdWords advertising, social media marketing, a pop-up store opening with instore support,

The product is stunning in person and in pictures, the brand needed to be also. Visit Irene Marie Angel Bags to see the bags.

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