Presentation series for the Humana Active Outlook program.

Creating a Presentation Series is always a challenge. There are committees, people with no experience in creative, (often) limited project leadership, and the task of understanding the material. For a large healthcare provider doubly so. We created the presentation materials with animated openings and section openings, and stylized slides throughout for their Humana Active Outlook program. The bright and playful backgrounds accentuate the images—bringing excitement to the subject of wellness and eldercare.

Presentation was built in PowerPoint and the animation were designed using Adobe After Effects, Photoshop and Illustrator.

See the opening video from the Humana Active Outlook presentation series:

See the looping video from the Humana Active Outlook presentation series (a longer version of this video occupied the time between speakers and during meals):

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Work was done for Wax Custom Communications under the watchful eye of Heather Mickley.